New IRON MAN teaser poster

5 10 2007

A new IRON MAN poster was released today:

The release date for this movie is May 2nd, 2008. I wonder if that will be the weekend for Free Comic Book day? I have made sure I made my way to the comic book store on that day for the last few years, if not for the free comics more to see how many people actually show up. I have been pleasantly surprised each time that there was a lot of non collectors there.



5 10 2007

Kelly Jones is in my all-time top 10 favorite Batman artists list. The work on Red Rain was quite possible the greatest elseworlds story ever. Looks like with Steven Niles they are creating a new 12 issue series called Batman: Gotham After Midnight. I cant wait!!!


Transformers 2 out on July, 26 2009

27 09 2007

So I just recently got around to watch Transformers the other day and I have to admit it wasn?t as bad as I thought it was going to be. I mean you could take all the humans out of the film and it would be great!!! the robot on robot fight scenes were spectacular but the actors had Michael Bay stink on them. Much like Bay’s 2005 epic The Island some of it was awe inspiring but the acting was really really bad. Some one should recut Transformers to edit all the actors out, and when the robots have to talk to any of them dub in the teachers voice from Charlie Brown.

Anyway, it looks like it made enough money in the theaters to get the sequel greenlit for 07/26/09.

Star Wars Kubricks Series 8 – toysrevil

27 09 2007

Kubricks are one of my favorite types of toys. On one of my trips to Japan I went into a store with only Kubricks and other kubrick style toys. It was like toy heaven.

toysRevil has information on the latest Star Wars Kubrick Series 8:

  • Darth Maul (with double-bladed lightsaber)
  • Queen Amidala
  • C3PO
  • Battle Droid
  • Qui-Gon Jinn
  • Anarkin Skywalker

You will notice they are from Star Wars: Episode I – The Phantom Menace (1999)

REVIEW: Marvel Icons PUNISHER Minibust – Superhero Times

26 09 2007

One of my favorite toy website Superhero Times has an excellent review of the new Marvel Icons PUNISHER mini bust.


Link – REVIEW: Marvel Icons PUNISHER Minibust

Jessica Biel to Play Wonder Woman in ‘Justice League’ Movie!

26 09 2007

According to Variety by way of, Jessica Biel is being considered to play Wonder Woman in the Justice League. I like this choice, Jessica is actually a good actress, but we are talking a comic book movie so it isnt Shakespeare.

Dominic West is Jigsaw in ‘Punisher: War Zone’ –

26 09 2007

Dominic West of the best show on television ‘The Wire’ has signed on to play Jigsaw in the new Punisher War Zone movie according to He is a very good actor who plays very different roles in his career so far. I am looking forward to him in this.