Spider-Man movies online

6 11 2007

I just discovered that you can buy videos thru Amazon to play on your TV thru TIVO or on your PC. So you know me I immediately went thru to find some comic book related ones to share. First is Spider-Man!!! Not only do they have all three movies Spider-Man, Spider-Man 2 and Spider-Man 3, they have the highly underrated Spider-Man: The New Animated Series. Many people may remember that as MTV Spider-man. Only 13 episodes were made and you can get them all at Amazon.


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The Killing Joke action figure set

16 10 2007

Over at Superherotimes.com they have a preview image of coming in spring 2008 an action figure set from the Alan Moore and Brian Bolland classic Batman story “The Killing Joke“. Argulably the greatest Joker story ever written The Killing Joke is my personal favorite Batman story.

REVIEW: Marvel Icons PUNISHER Minibust – Superhero Times

26 09 2007

One of my favorite toy website Superhero Times has an excellent review of the new Marvel Icons PUNISHER mini bust.


Link – REVIEW: Marvel Icons PUNISHER Minibust

Jessica Biel to Play Wonder Woman in ‘Justice League’ Movie!

26 09 2007

According to Variety by way of cinematical.com, Jessica Biel is being considered to play Wonder Woman in the Justice League. I like this choice, Jessica is actually a good actress, but we are talking a comic book movie so it isnt Shakespeare.

Exclusive Look at Audition Sides from Frank Miller’s The Spirit! – IESB.net

18 09 2007

Frank Miller is writing and directing The Spirit. It looks like IESB.net has an exclusive on the audition sides.


12 09 2007

CBR.cc has a recap of the Jim Lee panel at the Baltimore Comic-Con from 9/9. Here are come choice quotes:

One fan wanted to know Lee’s favorite project that he’s worked on. “I like all of them for different reasons,” Lee explained. “I think ‘Batman: Hush’ was a good one because I hadn’t done a lot of work up until then. I have the luxury of working with some of the best writers in the business.”

HUSH Vol One

Jim then teases us with a X-Men return possibility:

A fan asked if there was any possibility of Lee working for Marvel Comics. He said it was possible but that he’s still under contract to DC. “I probably wouldn’t go back to X-Men,” Lee said. “If I went back to it you’d either say it was better than when I first got it or it sucks in comparison and it’s probably the latter.” Lee joked, “It’s like my ‘Die Hard 4,’ if no other projects are available I’ve got that.”


Spider-Man Cartoon Gets 13 More Episodes – Superhero Times

11 09 2007

Looks like before it even airs the new Spider-Man cartoon gets 13 more episodes to bring it to 26.

Sony originally ordered 13 episodes from the producing studio Culver Entertainment, but Icv2 reports that they’re doubling their initial run to 26 episodes—guaranteeing the series one full season. This should be great news for Spidey fans who haven’t seen the wall crawler given the TV treatment since MTV’s failed series several years ago. At present “The Spectacular Spider-man” is slated to debut on Kids’ WB in early 2008.

Spider-Man Cartoon Gets 13 More Episodes – Superhero Times