11 10 2007

From the “no one in there right mind ever believed he was going to stay dead forever department”:

Steve Rogers, the Sentinel of Liberty, was cut down in a hail of gunfire in March’s CAPTAIN AMERICA #25. And whether or not you agree with the decision, he’s still dead. But a character as iconic and important as Cap can never truly die. Who better to reimagine Cap for a new age, a new character, a new costume, than Alex Ross? Working closely with Ed Brubaker, Steve Epting and Tom Brevoort, Captain America makes his return—or debut, if you prefer—in January’s CAPTAIN AMERICA #34.

We all knew he was coming back. It was going to happen but it would have been nice for Marvel to make his “death” last more then 10 issues! They should have kept people guessing for years. If they think his death caused a lot of press coverage maybe leaving him gone for a few years would have really be interesting. – Alex Ross brings Captain America back from the dead




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